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Where we Started

We are a collective space that since 2010 has brought together different people who delight in joining up our diverse skills and talents to provide a joyful work space that places priority on personhood.  We were birthed to carefully harness our differences and appreciate them as sacred gifts that support and nurture each other to be our best.


Our understanding of power means we know that we live in a world where the expertise, brilliance and intellect of women, people with disabilities and others, who like us, claim freedom to be who we are, is often denigrated.

How we Grew

Balise Trading opted for the behind-the-scenes word of mouth and referral mechanisms to attract new clients as well as to retain existing ones. With our range of highly specified skills and professional standard we upload our company grew.

In 2020, to commemorate the organisation’s 10th anniversary, and to celebrate that Balise Trading had not only survived one of the most gruelling decades to do business in Zimbabwe, the region and internationally, the Founders of the organisation took the time to build a carefully planned online pressence which expanded our reach to international clients.


Who we Are

Balise Trading was also built through sheer grit, tenacity and defiance.

Our story is of a dream, not quite a fairy tale, but close. We wanted a professional space that would enable us to “come as we are”. What do we mean by this? Many businesses and ventures are built along a single idea, a narrow plane of interest, or one product. That is fine for them, but it was not going to work for us.

We are a team that consists of a diverse intergenerational community of people who are both trained and untrained. We have multi-variant passions, interests and expertise. This is a reflection of our total humanness.

Where we're Headed

Balise Trading was built to be a ‘beacon’; a “lighthouse”; a place of hope, a space of happiness for those who make it their professional home as well as the clients who interact with its team members.

Our winning formula is wholesomeness: We believe in being joyful with every experience we encounter rather than frustrated by the challenges we face.

We constantly strive to find the balance between fulfilling our individual and shared dreams.We are perpetually learning new things. And value our shared, collective growth and wisdom

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